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Common Pitfalls To Avoid In SPM Projects
All SPM projects have similar constraints which, if not taken into account, lead to common mistakes in planning and execution. This white paper outlines the 5 most common pitfalls to avoid in executing SPM projects.
Ten Ideas to Improve the Effectiveness of Your Commission Operations
The effective execution of a Sales Compensation Plan by the Commissions team is an extremely powerful tool that can be used to motivate the sales team and positively impact the company’s bottom line. We’ve compiled 10 ways you can improve the effectiveness of your Commission Ops team.
Vendor Selection – Top Seven Tips
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Ten Ways to Measure the Success of SPM Implementation
Measuring the success of SPM solutions is complex because they deliver much more than financial savings. These are the 10 areas in which you should focus to help measure the success of your SPM implementation far beyond the conventional comparison of timelines and budgets.
Brochure – Maximize Performance of your SPM System
If you have ongoing challenges with the performance of your SPM system, Spectrum has a unique offering designed for you.
Template for Request for Information or Proposal
Are you about to kick off an SPM project at your organization? This template will provide you a guiderail on how to put together a cohesive and well-rounded Request For Information and/or Request for Proposal Document.
Webinar: Winning the Business Case for SPM
Learn how to secure funding for your SPM solution presented by Maneesh Gupta, Managing Partner of Spectrum Technologies, and Brian Thompson, VP of Product Management at Iconixx.
Watch and you’ll hear David Kelly, author of The Book on Incentive Compensation Management, explain:
  • What makes incentive compensation management (ICM) uniquely challenging
  • Why good management of ICM requires a cross-functional team
  • Why high-performing organizations are establishing Compensation Centers of Excellence
How To Communicate Compensation Plans effectively
Communicating the compensation plans to the salesforce and proper understand of performance metric is critical to success. Here are a few tips on how to communicate the compensation plans to your salesforce.