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Commission Dispute Manager

Commission Dispute Manager

What is Dispute Manager?
Dispute Manager is a native Force.com web application designed for small-mid size companies to track and manage all commission related issues raised by the sales reps. The built-in multi-node workflow allows information sharing and collaboration for issue resolution. Dispute Manager is fully integrated with Salesforce CRM, so users can link disputes to the existing Accounts, Opportunities and Leads.

How Does It Work?
If your company uses Salesforce as CRM tool, you can start using Dispute Manager in no time. A quick install will integrate Dispute Manger’s menu item, dashboards and other component within your CRM application. Once installed, your sales team can log issues.

Why Dispute Manager?

Dispute Manager is a platform for sales reps to log their commission related disputes and queries. The platform provides visibility and tracking for all issues until resolved. Sales team can focus on selling, instead of chasing finance for issue resolution.

Key Benefits include:

  • Efficient and systematic tool for sales team to report issues. No emails or phone calls!
  • Visibility into Issue Status and approvals.
  • Auditability and SOX compliance for any financial payouts
  • Analytics to identify problems in Processes and Communication
  • Tool for Sales Operations to track and manage the issues more efficiently.

Key Features

  • Two level Approval Process – Manager and Finance
  • Allows Managers to Seek Input from other team members
  • Fully Integrated with Org Hierarchy in Salesforce
  • Links to Accounts, Leads and Opportunities in Salesforce
  • Customizable Static Data (Dispute Types, Resolution Types, Security Settings)
  • Email Notifications
  • Dashboards

Dispute Manager Dashboard