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Creating a Signature Agreement Control within IBM ICM


From legal and HR standpoint, it is highly recommended that plan participants be required to accept their Compensation Plan Document. Fortunately, IBM ICM (formerly Varicent), can fully automate the entire process of building, distributing and acceptance of plan documents. 

Steps in the Plan Agreement Process

The Plan Agreement process generally involves the following steps:

  1. The Incentives and Legal Departments develop the Plan Agreement terms and conditions.
  2. The Incentives Department drafts the Plan Agreement.
  3. The Incentives Department presents the Plan Agreement to potential Plan Participants.
  4. The Potential Plan Participant accepts the Agreement..
  5. The signed Plan Agreement is returned to the Incentives Department.
  6. The Incentives and HR Departments activate the participant and process the paperwork.

The ultimate goal is to have all employees sign the agreement. But getting this accomplished in one fell swoop is not always an easy task. Typically, steps 3 and 4 are done via a document or even a PDF. This is where certain untapped features in the IBM ICM system can be of great value to your company. IBM ICM has capabilities that will greatly simplify these steps, and the Plan Agreement process as a whole.

Signature Agreement Control Benefits

IBM ICM 8.1.3 features an Electronic Signature Control that can be utilized within Presenter Reports. Electronic Acceptance capture allows the Incentives and HR Departments to expedite paperwork, quickly activate employees and pay them more promptly.

The following steps can all be incorporated into the Electronic Signature Control tool to streamline the process:

  1. Employee response to the Plan Agreement.
  2. Employee response to special terms set by Management.
  3. Employee response to questionnaires created by Management.

Creating a Signature Agreement Control

The Signature Control can be added within a Presenter Report to give an extra dimension, or it can be used to create Web-based signature documentation. This is done in a few simple steps.

To create a Signature Control, perform the following steps:

1.  Right-click a cell in your layout table and click Add Signature Control (Figure 1).


2.  Type an ID (100 character limit) for the signature control (Figure 2).


3.  In the Agreement field, type the agreement text (4300 character limit) that you want to display on the report (Figure 3).


  •  Click OK

(Note: Reports with the Signature Control must contain a Submit button) 

As demonstrated, implementing the Electronic Signature Agreement within a Presenter Report is quite straightforward, allowing employees to access the agreement, make a selection and submit it effortlessly. Ease of use will encourage employees to participate in this process and ensure compliance.

 The screenshot below (Figure 4) shows an example of the implemented Signature Agreement and what the Participants will see:


Viewing the Signature Agreement Audit Log

Another very helpful feature within the Signature Control is the Audit Log. The Audit Log allows Administrators within the Incentives Department to keep track of who has or has not signed the Agreement. It provides pertinent information such as time signed, payee information, and their decision (whether he/she accepted or declined the offer).

The following steps demonstrate how to access the Audit Log:

  • From the Home Screen, select Audit tab on the Taskbar (Figure 5).
  • Select the Signature Tab from the Audit tab options (Figure 5).


The Signature Audit Log makes it easy for Administrators to trace activity occurring within the Plan Agreement process and allows them to approach employees with follow-up procedures based on the log.

Using Workflow Manager to Govern the Plan Agreement Process

Although it has no connection to the actual Electronic Signature process, the Workflow Manager can be used to identify participation by allowing Administrators to report on the information and work towards getting all participants to comply with Plan Agreement. Because the Workflow Manager can also send notifications to all included employees, it is very helpful in keeping the process flowing smoothly.


The Electronic Signature Control is a very versatile and valuable tool within the IBM ICM system. It not only streamlines Compensation processes such as preparing an employee to receive transactional credit, it also makes it easier for employees and companies to fulfill the legal requirements for employees to accept Plan Agreements. Whether to get employees to agree to Plan Terms, or respond to dialogue, the signature control can get the job done.

The Plan Agreement process is streamlined using a set of steps that can be defined within IBM ICM. Providing a simplified form with an Electronic Signature Agreement control makes it easier to get Plan Participants to sign it. In addition, Administrators can track Participant Agreement with the Audit Log. Easily executable processes such as these can ensure that employees are properly registered for Plan Participation and are promptly rewarded.


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